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Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust Indianapolis

The James A. Allison Exhibition is located downtown Indianapolis. Please click the Visitors tab above for more information. It includes an extensive collection of aircraft engines made by Rolls-Royce and USA predecessor Allison Engine Company. The collection ranges from; V-12 Liberty, to WWII V1710, W3420 – the largest liquid cooled engine to fly, J33, J35, J71, Viper turbojets, Spey, TF-41 Turbofans, Dart, T40,T56, AE2100 Turboprops, T56 in a full nacelle, automotive gas turbines, Pegasus and XJ-99 VTOL engines, the Joint Strike Fighter LiftFan, Concorde Olympus, AE1107 turboshaft, AE3007 Civil turbofan, Minuteman II rocket motor case and Apollo Lunar Lander fuel tank and a very broad collection of large scale models associated with each engine. Archives are maintained and are accessible on request to researchers and collectors. Over 16,000 detailed photographs are maintained in the historic archive collection.

Official Website
450 S. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN

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