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About the site

After hearing several times about the lack of a good list of museums to visit on the Uncontrolled Airspace podcast, and coming up short with something that was reasonably up-to-date (strike one) and geographically searchable (none I can find, period) I spent a weekend (and then some) working on a solution. This site is the result of that "sprint".

I (Adam Fast) always try to visit nearby aviation museums when I travel somewhere, and the process of finding them has never been easy, I've experienced that first hand. With this site you can enter either an airport code or city/state (address even) and see the nearest aviation museums to that location.

Community maintained: However, I need your help, fellow enthusiast, keeping things up to date and accurate. Whenever you're logged into the site you'll see a link at the top right of the content area to report something that needs to be updated. Please pass along all the info you have - what needs updated, why, and where you found the new information (so that it can be verified and updated). Please be patient, for now the update process will be manually but plans are in place for a better way.

Ideally, I'd like to see "section chiefs" who oversee the data for a particular region they have extensive knowledge of. If you're interested in being one of those chiefs, please contact me (an appropriate address is listed on the "Submit Correction" page when you're logged in).

About Adam
Adam Fast (Personal site, Twitter) is a private pilot and software developer living in Lawrence, KS. He spends his free time playing with anything geeky - writing software, amateur radio, and his first love, flying. Whenever he finds something he can do aviation AND software related it becomes very difficult to sleep.